Tied to a Railroad Track

I can not get the thought out of my head that I have Parkinson’s.  It is always there.  I can try to keep busy and do other things but PD is always there like a specter.  I was at a train exhibit last Thursday and went on a train ride.  Sitting there I leaned my chin on my hand as I looked out the window.  My hand started to shake.  “I’m here!  I am coming to get you.”

I feel like I am tied up and laying on the tracks.  I can not get away and off in the distance I hear a distant train whistle.  The ground beneath me shakes just a little bit but it is enough to tell me that the train is coming closer.  Sooner or later I will see it racing towards me.  Sooner or later it will run me over.

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About parkinsonsdiseasediary

I am a newly diagnosed Parkinson's Disease man who will be 60 years old soon. This is my diary of what things I notice and feel as this disease and I do battle.
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